Veterinary Medicine

Special plastic for hoof and claw treatment

The health of the hooves is the basis for a high milk yield. If farm cattle suffer from hoof disease, this leads to considerable pain and associated lameness. The feed intake is reduced and a significantly lower milk yield is the result. Triggers are multifactorial causes that cannot be completely eliminated even by optimal stable conditions and regular hoof care. Our product line retec® VMed was developed in cooperation with veterinarians and hoof care professionals and offers ideal problem solvers for the veterinary treatment of hoof diseases.

This is how it works: As a rule, only one of the two hooves becomes diseased. With the help of our special plastic, a wooden block is glued under the healthy hoof side, which relieves and immobilises the diseased hoof side. The pressure relief provides immediate pain relief and simultaneous improvement of the lameness. The immobilisation allows the diseased claw to heal faster.

Features of the retec® VMed products:

  • easy application
  • adhesive- and drip-free
  • can be modelled with a spatula or with the hands
  • fast and safe curing, even at sub-zero temperatures
  • easily withstands heavy loads when standing or walking

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