Dental product range

For over 35 years, we have been manufacturing high quality medical resins for dental laboratories, dentists and orthodontists. For a bright smile for every patient!

Denture Resins

Cold and hot polymers for the manufacture of full and partial dentures

Repair material

C + B Resins

For highly aesthetic long-term temporaries with high abrasion resistance and natural fluorescence


Autopolymers for use in the dough process and spray/scatter process

Colour concentrates for brightly coloured braces

Modelling Resins

For precise and accurate modelling


Material for refilling CAD/CAM milling rounds

Manufacturing own blanks

Special Products

Radiopaque plastic for implantology

Auxiliary Materials

Insulation, bonding agent, duplicating gel, material for individual trays


Dosing and mixing kits, drain taps for canisters, empty containers