Special Plastics

X-ray opaque special plastic

retec® SIN X-Pose is a PMMA plastic for the production of diagnostic aids for optimal planning of implantological restorations. Due to the special radiopacity, structures can be clearly imaged in the CT, which streamlines the analysis of the X-ray images.

Product details


  • Implant planning
  • Fabrication of planning and boron templates


Mixing ratio: 10 g powder with 4 - 5 g liquid
Depending on the desired flowability, free dosing is also possible.

Polymerisation takes place under a pressure of 2-4 bar and a water temperature of 37-45°C for approx. 20 min.


  • Cold-curing
  • Reduces the scattering effect of the beams
  • Accurate and high-contrast image
  • Also available as DVT version



Dosage forms / packaging:

Powder: 100 g, 500 g
Liquid: 50 ml, 250 ml

We deliver finished products as well as partially packaged goods according to your specifications and wishes. Other delivery quantities such as bulk containers are available on request.

Note: Classification according to Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Annex IX Class I for removable dental auxiliaries.